• PUMA: Forever Faster

    With the business mission of being “Forever Faster”, PUMA aims to be the Fastest Sports Brand in the World. For over 70 years, PUMA has been developing sports footwear, apparel and accessories for the best athletes. PUMA’s range of sports apparel is designed by incorporating performance and sports inspiration into its PUMA Suede Classic products.

    PUMA’s Story

    In 1919, the Dassler Brothers started their shoe factory in their parents’ home, which grew and evolved into the world-renowned PUMA today. The brand had gained notoriety since Jesse Owens sported Dassler spikes and won four gold medals during the 1936 Olympic Games. More athletes wore PUMA shoes and apparel in subsequent world sporting events, crafting a global reputation for the brand.

    PUMA Sports Apparel and Equipment

    Today, the playing field is more diverse than ever. Be it on the running tracks, golf courses or the football field. PUMA supplies athletes with the right equipment to perform, from golf clubs to running shoes. Even when not doing sports, PUMA sports apparel is a versatile wear that you can style in various ways.

    PUMA’s Business Philosophy

    At PUMA, sustainability is a core value of the business. PUMA strives to manage their environmental impact through the 10FOR25 sustainability strategy for a better world by working on ten key areas, from climate and biodiversity to human rights, to reach common goals of making better products with the less environmental impact on nature.

    Innovating with PUMA

    PUMA aims to always bring better and unique innovations to sports for game-changing athletes. In 1984, the RS-Computer Shoe was created in the PUMA Running Studio, where the team leveraged computer technology to create better running shoes. Today, PUMA continues experimenting with digital technology to bring out the best in athletes.

    PUMA Supports Gender Equality

    Racial and social imbalances have led to skewed criminal justice systems — this is why PUMA supports organisations like REFORM Alliance and the ACLU to advocate for reforms to a broken system. PUMA Suede Classic takes a firm stance against societal injustice, discrimination and inequality and aims to support good causes for a better society.

  • Substantial Coverage With AIG Malaysia

    Get Wide Coverage With AIG Insurance Ideas

    We face several uncertainties while we undergo our daily lives. Hazardous mishaps could occur unpredictably, and it’s best to be ready by purchasing an effective protection strategy. With medical insurance Malaysia, you can obtain an economical basic safety web if something poor transpires with you. This is when AIG can be purchased to help you get covered in many ways.

    Protection Programs from AIG Malaysia

    Are you currently in search of an all-inclusive security program? Get covered by insurance in lots of features with AIG Malaysia. Get all you need in one-stop in this article; you can get insurance plans that cover the most crucial things to you, whether or not it’s your home, your transport, your moves, and yourself, against any unforeseen accidents.

    AIG’s Vacation Insurance policy

    At times, our vacation strategies can be disturbed by unpredicted incidents, such as physical injuries, natural disasters and many more. AIG Travel Insurance gives as much as RM1 million coverage for medical charges if you suffer from health-related issues in your journey. Following current scenarios, the blueprint offers around RM700,000 for COVID-19 relevant mishaps.

    AIG Malaysia

    Property Insurance

    Anyone can resonate with the term “home sweet house”, and our security abode also deserves a type of safety. Secure your own home and personal valuables inside and outside your home with AIG Malaysia’s home insurance against bust-ins, theft or fires. The coverage also offers lodging costs if you’re staying elsewhere due to these damages.

    Vehicle Insurance

    There’s always a risk whenever you’re driving your car, regardless of whether commuting is practical or having a quick push. AIG Car Insurance delivers insurance for almost any vehicle problem, whether from an automobile accident, fire, or robbery. This plan even offers round-the-clock, one-week highway help whenever you face vehicle breakdowns or electric motor emergencies.

    Personalized Crash Insurance That Continues Together With You

    The AIG Personal Accident Insurance is a grow that grows with you. When you sign-up now, you’ll get specific coverage, and your loved ones can generate the advantages in addition to moving along to get a loved one. Get insurance coverage that is certainly comprehensive of medical expenditures, all made for your alleviate as possible sign-up online or talk to any AIG agents.

    Why You Require Insurance policy

    What will you do eventually? Do you or your family members deal with daily life uncertainties like crashes, health problems or disasters? It could be difficult to contemplate, but acquiring well prepared is the easiest way to relieve the unfortunate situations. Give you and your loved one peace of mind with insurance protection from AIG.

    Get Considerable Insurance coverage With AIG Malaysia

    Picking a good insurance strategy might be a difficult selection to help with the number of goods available in the market. AIG is undoubtedly a location where you can choose multiple insurance programs for many different aspects of your life. Have a medical insurance Malaysia, personal insurance program, travel insurance or a vehicle insurance program all at AIG. Go to aig.com.my to find out more.

  • Grow Your Business Larger with Computerized Advertising and marketing

    How do manufacturers make their business offerings stick out in a competitive electronic digital landscape? Having an excellent digital online marketing strategy is the answer. Emperikal is an electronic digital agency marketing and advertising agency in Malaysia that will help you improve your business by mixing artistic content material and info-motivated rendering to operate a vehicle for client engagement and then make your brand name glow.

    The Story of Emperikal

    Inside a digitised world, most consumers hunt for goods and services on the internet. As a businessman, make the brand stand out and stand out online with Emperikal. This digital advertising and marketing organization assists improve your business’s online existence with a digital technique that combines creativity, objectivity and systematic abilities to enhance the internet appearance and use marketing and advertising performance.

    Improving Manufacturer Publicity On-line

    an excellent online search engine optimisation (Search engine optimization) method provides you nearer to your organization’s goals by raising the internet visibility, increasing client base and lead generation. We start with market and keyword research and audience profiling to develop natural marketing and advertising funnel. We continue by enhancing the website’s practical concerns and utilizing articles to improve your website’s top quality and engagement.


    Web Development Solutions

    Craft your company narrative and provide it on the internet in the most artistic way with Emperikal. We creative visual designers do not only design and style visually attractive photos; they also drive the boundaries to make an immersive brand encounter that allows for engagement and engagement online. Press your company to the next level by working with us to ensure that your site truly signifies your brand!

    Enhancing Income Returns

    With the search engine marketing plan (SEM) driving an appropriate vehicle visitors to your brand’s systems, your small business can improve manufacturer visibility, expand product sales and foster new client relationships. Run the search engine advertising campaign (SEM) with Emperikal that addresses internet search engine variety, fascinating PPC imaginative, functional wager technique, and much more.

    Aesthetically-appealing Articles Creation

    We know that you would like the best marketing strategy for your brand name, and creative information creation for electronic marketing is a superb device to create your brand name. Our creative experts at Emperikal supply eyesight-getting images, aesthetically-desirable computerized ads, and a well-created website landing page to keep your market involved, which may result in more click-throughs and earnings.

    Producing Good quality Electronic Content

    Content marketing and advertising are around your target audience and what they want. Emperikal provides writing and editing providers to produce computerized content supplies for your company — an array of e-literature, blog articles, web posts and social networking posts. They have clean new content and refined info to entice people to drive income and optimise consumer engagement.

    Why Pick Emperikal?

    What are your campaign targets, and who may be your target market? Where are parts of chance, and in the way should we determine accomplishment? Emperikal digital agency gives your business the answers to these questions. Assist us right now in crafting an electronic online marketing strategy which makes your company appears right out of the rest inside the electronic panorama.