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Upholding Journalistic Integrity

Established in 2020, The Vibes is Malaysia’s hottest and fastest expanding online reports portal. Becoming a system for the people, the team aims to offer the general public healthy and trustworthy information about the most up-to-date news every day #FromEverySide. Together with the eyesight to be the No.1 media portal in Malaysia, we have been on a mission to promote various healthy food and encourage independence of manifestation.

Malaysian Media #FromEverySide

The ‘Malaysia’ section capabilities home-based media and the latest troubles occurring in the country. Be informed with well-balanced reporting, fair landscapes, and trustworthy information about Malaysia’s political growth and economic and social matters. The Vibes convert conversations into activity by giving good quality confirming #FromEverySide to develop a greater community.

To The Company-Minded Men and women

The ‘Business’ section functions residential and global company media. Read up about the most up-to-date posts about foreign assets, worldwide equity market segments, and overseas trade to recognize how international market segments operate. Catch up on economic and fiscal news that helps you will make far better financial and expense choices.

The Vibes

Global Reports On Hand

The Vibes’ ‘World’ portion lets you remain in the know with a wide range of worldwide media about overseas matters, international relations and governmental troubles. Be considered a worldwide person and get expertise on medical advancement and countrywide safety, although learning how worldwide dynamics affect home-based affairs.

Tone of voice Your Thoughts Easily

Find out a wide variety of opinion content articles from your public, feel-reservoir organisations and skilled professionals in the ‘Opinion‘ portion. Check out impartial opinions #FromEverySide for essential and fresh views on politics, scientific research and customs. Gain unfettered opinions that spark chats and new suggestions, empowering Malaysians to convey their viewpoints easily.

Sports Information and Exercise Recommendations At Your Fingertips

The ‘Sports & Fitness’ segment lets you obtain the latest reports on local and overseas sporting events, together with fitness and wellness tips for a better you. Be up to date using the most up-to-date news of community soccer and badminton tournaments or global sporting events much like the Olympics. Take care of your bodily wellness using our fitness advice on residence workouts, yoga, nervousness handle and many others.

Culture & Life-style: Artistry, Films and Textbooks

The ‘Culture & Lifestyle’ sector can be your location to have the most up-to-date media on disciplines, films and well-known traditions, both locally and globally. Cultural enthusiasts can also enjoy many motivating accounts about visual disciplines, conventional tunes and historical traditions. Get caught up in the latest social networking trend or investigate our many video watchlists to make your remain-at-house weekends far more fascinating.

A News Foundation For The People

Get caught up about the newest information and testimonies on The Vibes #FromEverySide. We aim to uphold the need for journalistic integrity, marketing equality and diversity to keep Malaysians educated. We aim to generate a varied foundation to accommodate diverse, healthy food points of views. Help us within our effort to encourage Malaysians to express their views easily!